SDGs in CE
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Sustainable Development Goals
CEDean ⎯ Tzu-Hua Wang
Sustainable development education contributes to cultivating students' interdisciplinary thinking at the College of Education . This type of thinking facilitates students in considering issues and behaviors while also considering their impact on the environment and society, thereby proposing more responsible and sustainable decisions. Additionally, sustainable development education helps foster students with creativity and innovative thinking, enabling them to propose novel solutions when addressing real-world problems and to seek sustainable ways to tackle future challenges, thereby providing students with the opportunity to become future leaders and agents of change. Pre-K-12 teacher education is also a crucial mission of the College of Education. By promoting sustainable development education, the college can prompt Pre-K-12 teachers trained here to understand the teaching strategies of sustainable development education and how to integrate the concept of sustainable development into the curriculum. Upon entering the Pre-K-12 teaching field in the future, they will possess the appropriate knowledge and skills to conduct effective teaching on sustainable development-related topics, embedding the concept of sustainable development deeply in the hearts of adolescents and children. This enables the college to promote sustainable development education with a broader positive social impact. The College of Education's promotion of sustainable development education is not just about providing knowledge but also about cultivating students' values and interdisciplinary abilities, making the students of this college future leaders with a global perspective, a sense of social responsibility, and problem-solving skills.
CECSO ⎯ Kuo-Tai Cheng
One of aims of College of Education at the National Tsinghua University is to cultivate cross-border integrated talents for sustainable development education, to emphasise sustainable development education literacy learning, and value the practice spirit of cross-border integration of environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability. We emphasise innovation and training to cope with uncertainty, to solve complex problems, and to cultivate interdisciplinary integrated talents in sustainable development education that is urgently needed in contemporary global development.
How CE Responds to SDGs: