National Tsing Hua University COA
Sustainable Development Goals
COADean ⎯ Fang Yu Chang
The main goal of the College of Arts is to nurture exceptional talents in fine arts creation, craft design, music performance, and theory, as well as interdisciplinary creation in techno-arts. The collaboration among our two departments and one program aim to infuse beauty, music, and technology into NTHU's culture and its integration into society. Through the "TNUNAN Musical: Promoting Culturally Responsive Teaching to Foster Indigenous Healthcare Talents" project, the faculty and students of the College of Arts strove to enhance innovative education in rural elementary schools and foster future Atayal doctors through science education. This initiative supports the sustainable health of Jianshi Music Town. The core of the project lies in Atayal Arts as a medical STEAM education program, incorporating natural science courses to leverage culturally responsive learning in both directions. Over two years of collaboration, the TNUNAN musical "The Atayal Doctor is Coming!" will be produced, incorporating the achievements of Jianshi Medical STEAM education. Utilizing musicals as a cultural medium, the project aims to promote STEAM education at its place of origin. The aspiration is for the musical to be performed at the opening event of a professional music hall, thus spreading awareness of rural healthcare talent cultivation. The project aligns with SDGs goals such as "cultural sustainability," "good health and well-being," "improvement of quality education," and "reduction of inequality."
COACSO ⎯ Ming-Tun Xiao
How COA Responds to SDGs: