National Tsing Hua University SCI
Sustainable Development Goals
SCIDean ⎯ Chung-Yu Mou
The College of Science (CoS) pursues its vision of academic excellence through four strategies: 1. promote inter-disciplinary teaching of basic sciences to foster students with independent thinking and problem-solving skills, 2. conduct world-class forefront research, create excellent environment for basic science research in order to produce top researchers, 3. emphasize on both theory and applications to work closely with the industry, assist the upgrading of industry, 4. combine the technology and humanities aspects to care for the society, attain positive contribution by active participation in the progress of society. The College of Science is not just a leading center of fundamental scientific research in Taiwan; it has also attained strong international reputation. In the future, the College of Science will strive on the goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and contribute to the global sustainable development.
SCICSO ⎯ Yi-Chou Tsai
Achieving the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals requires the joint efforts of government and the community. As one of the founding schools of National Tsing Hua University, the College of Science looks forward to promoting sustainable development through excellence in teaching, ensuring high quality education, and promoting lifelong learning. Through research projects, curriculum, student activities, and campus engagement in response to sustainable development goals, the College of Science will continue to be actively involved in the future, working together for sustainable development in Taiwan and around the world.
How SCI Responds to SDGs: