National Tsing Hua University THC
Sustainable Development Goals
THCDean ⎯ Nyan-Hwa,Tai
Tsing Hua College is responsible for Common Education and Experimental Education in National Tsing Hua University. The College integrates the value from the general education curricula which include courses and activities from six dimensions, languages, physical education, arts, residential education, Interdisciplinary Program, International Bachelor Degree Program, etc. in order to expand students' learning outreaches, enrich learning contents and contexts, and in turn, create a diversified, flexible, and interdisciplinary learning system which could enable various experimental programs, corresponding to the goal of cultivating cross-disciplinary talents with local concerns and global mobility. Regarding the United Nations' 17 sustainable development goals(SDGs), from awareness to action, we will implement specific actions in courses, topics, campus life and student activities.
THCCSO ⎯ Fu-Ren,Lin
Tsing Hua College carries the mission to develop common and experimental education via interdisciplinary collaboration. The goal is to cultivate future interdisciplinary leaders with local empathy and global mobility to realize the social sustainability. Thus ranging from professional development, life attitude, and social practice, students could realize their life goals during their studies in campus.
How THC Responds to SDGs: